Friday, August 17, 2007

About Payne Hertz

Chronic pain has become an epidemic in the United States and throughout the industrialized world. It is estimated that some 50 to 70 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic pain, oftentimes so severe it can lead to permanent disability. For many of these people, chronic pain is a daily, unending hell on Earth, yet a large percentage of those who suffer from pain often find it difficult if not impossible to get the treatment they need to relieve their pain. Those who do receive treatment have often spent years and tens of thousands of dollars, endured tremendous abuse and humiliation, and jumped through innumerable hoops before finally finding a doctor who was willing to help them out. By this time, it is often too late, and years of unremitting pain coupled with inactivity have taken their toll both physically and psychologically. Many people are driven to suicide when they are no longer able to cope with their broken bodies and broken lives.

The mission of Payne Hertz is to educate and inform the public of the continuing abuse and maltreatment of people with chronic pain, and to advocate for civilized and humane treatment based on our highest conceptions of individual liberty, human rights, and morality. Payne Hertz is not a support group nor can we give medical advice, but we hope to become a focal point for articles, ideas and commentary that challenge the status quo of pain treatment in the United States.

Payne Hertz welcomes original writing from all friends of people with chronic pain, and will link to or comment on articles we feel may be of interest to our readers. If you would like to send us an article you have written, a link to a pain-related website you like, or would like us to comment on any material you have seen elsewhere, please send us an e-mail at the link below.